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Amazing customer service and great product. We had them install a skylight and it was completed inside a month. Very quick to answer emails and any questions we had! Didn't feel like they where trying to over sell us on their products and Adam was honest when he thought a product wouldn't work. Couldn't recommend them more
Trent Stollery
Trent Stollery
00:53 07 Sep 17
I had EEC install some window insulating film just in the nick of time! Great work - professional, courteous - and the product really seems to be making a difference to my energy bill.
Karen Collins
Karen Collins
23:50 15 Dec 17
We were extremely impressed by the Service. One of the sheets lifted away in the corner of the window and when we contacted them they fixed it for us. Would recommend this store.
Jacqui Playfair
Jacqui Playfair
04:07 08 Sep 17
Very satisfied with the team and installer from the Energy Efficiency Centre. We had 2 Velux Sun Tunnels installed which have given us much needed light. I'm particularly impressed with the sleekness of the design and being flush to the ceiling is very unobtrusive and contemporary. Emma
Smaragdi Landau
Smaragdi Landau
03:59 17 Jul 17
I had properly rated insulation batts installed throughout my roof space. The old ones were too thin, tatty and covered with decades of dirt and rodent droppings, etc. The old ones were removed, (brave men), and the ceiling vacuumed. I have peace of mind now. All was done quickly and efficiently, and I hope I will notice a real difference this winter. I also decided to have five of the very best skylights. I knew from previous experience that skylights make a huge difference in those dark corners, and they have. Great for the soul to to use these previously gloomy areas of the house. All staff were professional. No problems encountered. Orders were completed quickly.
Janita Hill
Janita Hill
21:42 04 Apr 17

Adelaide’s Residential & Commercial Energy Efficiency Centre

Why Invest in Solar?

Protect your business or home from increasing power costs. The Energy Efficiency Centre can help you harvest the power of the sun and keep your energy bills low. We also offer expert solar system installations to households all over Adelaide.

  • Protect your business or home from increasing power costs.
  • Solar power will reduce or eliminate your electricity bills, especially with generous feed in rates now offered by the major energy retailers
  • Have your money work effectively for you or your business.
  • Where else can you get 20% return on your money?
  • We analyse your bills, design a system to suit your roof and your power usage using the World’s finest and most efficient solar equipment.
  • Expert installation by Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited electricians.
  • Solar power equipment requires minimal up-keep or maintenance, best to clean the panels once or twice a year.

So why wait?

  • Take control of your living expenses. Avoid being a victim of year-on -year increases in electricity costs. Massive prices hikes have already ready happened and are likely.
  • It’s not as expensive as you think! Take advantage of the federal government rebate scheme which is is now decreasing every year.
  • Add value to your home or business – Domestic and Commercial Real estate agents now see solar panels as a revenue generating asset adding extra value to your property.

Our consultants and installers will also conduct an electricity bill analysis to ensure that solar makes sense for your household or business before you make a decision to secure solar.


We offer:

  • Experience from start to finish – The EEC team is experienced and knowledgeable and handle all work from proposal, design, installation and after sales support.  We have installed hundreds of solar systems and are here to provide after sales advice and support.  We are not a pop up business; we have been trading since 1962.
  • Advice – We understand solar requirements and will give you clear advice on what system size suits.
  • Warranty – EEC offers a warranty on all solar systems installed including panels, inverters and battery energy storage solutions. Our systems meet all relevant Australian Standards, specifically AS4777 for inverters and AS5033 for panels.
    Our panels have a minimum 10 year product warranty with a 25 year performance warranty and inverters a 5 or 8 year standard warranty (criteria applies#).
    With continuous service since 1962, you can be confident EEC will honour any warranty commitments.
  • Quality – We are not the cheapest, nor do we plan to be.  We only use high quality panels and inverters with excellent track records.  This is because we see poor quality systems as a risk both for us (as we honour warranties) and for the customer. We use the highest quality systems from the world’s leading solar manufacturers  such as  Jinko Solar, SMA, LG, Enphase and Clenergy.
  • Accreditation – EEC installers are fully qualified electricians accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC).
  • After Sales Service – EEC takes great pride in our after sales service and will endeavour to have any issue resolved in the shortest possible time.


Important Questions To Ask

  • How long has the installer been in business?
  • Is a 25 year warranty worth anything if the company has been in business for 2 years or less? Will the company be around to honour your warranty? Probably not!

There are many companies that recently started up to take advantage of the Government subsidies. When the feed in tariffs finished, these companies either wound up or moved on. Buy solar and panels wisely, buy from a reputable company in Adelaide with a long history to ensure your warranty is worth more than the paper it is written on.

Make Profit from your System

Sell the excess electricity you generate throughout the day back to the grid. While this option went off the boil in recent years, retailers are now offering up to 22 cents per kWh, which exceeds the last round of government mandated feed in tariffs. Therefore if you shop around for energy retailers you can secure a great rebate for electricity you export and the larger and more efficient the system the more likely you are to make a profit by putting excess power back into the grid.

Quality is Most Important

At the Energy Efficiency Centre we only install quality solar systems and other products that are proven in our climate.


Solar systems and products have warranties ranging between 5 and 25 years. If your installer has imported the product themselves, which is often the case with cheap systems, then you have no factory warranty at all and only the warranty of the business you bought it from. Only ever buy brands with a factory office or very well established, Australian based importer or else you are risking having no warranty on the products at all.



Thank you for your assistance with this ongoing issue (from another supplier), we really appreciate all that you have done and are doing to help us. It is really nice to deal with a company that knows about customer service and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who has asked for advice on solar issues. Well done and thank you
Business client, Victor Harbor – November 2013

· Over 50yrs experience
· Pop in to the showroom
· Free measure and quote
· Full installation service or DIY
· Quick turnaround
· Fully licensed and insured
· Expert and friendly service

Energy Efficiency Centre
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Tony Rowe
Tony Rowe
Great service, on time and efficient. Two skylights installed, huge difference in house. Wish I'd done it years ago.
Mignon Williams
Mignon Williams
The staff were helpful and our skylighst arrived in 1 week. Our builder has now installed then and I have spent today painting the ceiling and the recesses around the 3 skylights. Our new room is looking fantastic
Trent Stollery
Trent Stollery
Amazing customer service and great product. We had them install a skylight and it was completed inside a month. Very quick to answer emails and any questions we had! Didn't feel like they where trying to over sell us on their products and Adam was honest when he thought a product wouldn't work. Couldn't recommend them more
Adam Dienelt
Adam Dienelt
We ordered 2 large skylights side by side in our kitchen & couldn't be happier with the end result. It's turned a dull space into a light & bright one which we now enjoy being in. Also, our installer Adrian was terrific & his workmanship has turned them into a real feature, we would highly recommend ECC to anyone considering skylights in the future.
Andrew Webber
Andrew Webber
Ian Forster
Ian Forster
I ordered 3 Velux skylights from the Energy Efficiency Centre and the whole experience was professional and simple. From initial in-store inquiry to ordering and collection, the entire process was smooth and hassle free. The quote was favourable too with the Energy Efficiency Centre looking after us on price. We have now installed the skylights with Solar Block-out blinds and we couldn't be happier with the result. A fantastic business with good old fashioned customer service.