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  • A roof vent will expel air in summer and winter and thereby make your insulation more effective.
  • They are simple to install, many designs need no power and suit most roof types. Powered units are also available which are extra quiet and inexpensive to run.
  • We stock a range of roof ventilation systems, including products suitable for bushfire prone areas.


Powered by the wind, the Windmaster is a 300mm sturdy aluminium ventilator available in a choice of over 20 colours.  It costs nothing to run, is ideal for metal roofs and has a 15 year warranty.


Made from hail resistant polymer, the Supavent has a vertical blade design and stainless steel bearings.  It is suitable for tiled roofs and has a 15 year warranty.


The turbobeam combines  natural light and ventilation.  Add light to your attics or shed and thereby deter pests or vermin..  Made from sturdy acrylic with lubricated bearings for long life performance it has a 15 year warranty


The Maestro has 3 pre-set fixed speed settings that can be used for the continuous and reliable reduction of damaging condensation throughout the year.

This ventilator can be powered either electrically or via solar power and is available in over 15 colours.


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The Odyssey system


  • The Odyssey system is fully automated air exchange system designed to minimise air conditioning costs and create a fresher, well ventilated living space all year round.
  • The system provides cooler, fresher air on hot, stifling summer days and a more comfortable night’s sleep. It removes the heat build-up from inside walls and floors during the day and reduces wasted energy consumption if used in conjunction with an air conditioning system.
  • In the cooler months, warmer outside air can be brought into cold, damp rooms in the home. Humidity sensors monitor and manage moisture levels to reduce potentially damaging condensation in the roof space all year round.
  • A manual boost function allows the homeowner to manually use the system as required, especially when getting rid of odours in the home
  • Where poor air quality in the home can affect those with breathing problems the Odyssey system can reduce the impact on those suffering from asthma and allergies.

LEARN MORE: Download a Odyssey brochure here




Did you know all buildings MUST have ventilation?

Master Builders agree the building code should include mandatory vents on all buildings.

Insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the living space in your home. But on hot days, heat can still build up over time. When you consider that the heat inside your roof can reach over 70ºC you can understand the tough job that insulation has to do. Roof ventilators reduce the roof-space heat build-up by expelling hot air which enables it to be replaced with ambient temperature air from outside. This allows your insulation to work far more effectively.

All ventilators:

  • Extract hot air from your roof space in summer
  • Expel damp air in winter which can cause condensation and mildew and affect building structures
  • Help your insulation work more effectively
  • Cost little or nothing to operate
  • Reduce air conditioning load and save on household energy use
  • Operate smoothly and silently
  • Bring natural ventilation to your whole home
  • Are simple to install
  • Are an inexpensive way to further improve your home’s comfort
  • Have a malleable base and adjustable throat to suit most roof types to 45º
  • Are tested to Australian standards
  • Come with a 15yr Warranty

Importance of Air Flow

In order to expel the heat and moisture from your roof space, it is essential that fresh, external air replaces the super heated air removed by your ventilators. This can be achieved by installing at least FOUR under eave vents per ventilator.

Ideally, inlet vents are set into eaves which face the prevailing winds. For the best results, and improved home comfort, also install a Whirly Mate in the ceiling of your home to allow the trapped hot air to escape from inside your home at the end of the day, allowing cooler, fresh air to enter your home.

A home or building that breathes is a healthier living environment.

At EEC, we know that insulating your home may not be enough. We can supply, install and provide maintenance for all your ventilation needs.

Questions like how many vents are required or the type needed for your home can all be answered by our experts.

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Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We promise to never share, sell or spam you.