Energy Savings Calculator

Heating and cooling typically accounts for 38% of power usage in SA homes*. Calculate your savings now to gain a breakdown report of where you can save money


We estimate that you can

SAVE up to $1000.00 per year

on your energy costs*.


Insulation savings =

Bradford’s insulation can save up to of your heating and cooling costs. Bradford Gold Batts deliver real savings and comfort. Combined with Edmonds ventilation products, insulation keeps your home at the right temperature all year round, thus reducing the dependency on your air-conditioning and heating. This results in significantly reducing your energy bills. In fact, a large 300m2 home can save up to 80% of heating and cooling costs, and a smaller 150m2 home saves up to 60% compared to an uninsulated home. In addition to savings, your house will be more comfortable to live in. This assumption is based on an existing house, it is only the ceilings that can be practically insulated retrospectively. Sub-floor insulation is possible in some situations. You can also insulate for sound proofing with Soundscreen.


Roof vents savings =

Roof vents can save up to of your heating and cooling costs. Edmonds ventilation removes the stuffy hot air in your roof space in summer and helps your insulation to work effectively. Ventilation reduces roof-space temperature by up 12 to 15 degrees in summer which can drastically affect the temperature of your home. This also decreases the heat load on ceiling ducted air conditioning, in turn your cooling costs. Ventilation expels moist winter air in winter preventing timber rot. It’s an all year energy saver that has no hassles.

Window Films

Window film savings =

Window films can save up to of your heating and cooling costs. Window films improve the performance of existing glazing systems to reduce excessive solar heat gain, increasing the efficiency of air conditioning and lowering energy costs. They can also improve the insulating properties of windows, reducing heating costs by preventing heat from escaping in cooler seasons. It has been established that one-third of a typical building's cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and that up to 75% of existing windows may not be energy efficient. By having approved energy saving solar films applied, energy is conserved, saving you money and realising 'star rating' efficiency.

Solar Panels

Solar system savings =

Solar systems can save up to of your total energy costs, a truly considerable reduction in your costs. We offer high tier 1 quality solar from our handpicked suppliers and importers to ensure the best quality product and returns for our customers. The EEC has been providing energy efficiency solutions such as solar for over 50 years so you can be assured that we are SA’s most reliable, quality and trusted solar company. Typically solar pays itself back within 3-5 years, depending on your individual circumstances. This is where our solar expertise comes in in addition with our long, trusted history in SA of delivering complete energy efficiency solutions.


Skylights bring natural light in and add property value

Bring the natural sunlight in with skylights. Velux skylights transform your living spaces, opening and lighting up your home. Skylights bring value to your home and business in property value and wow factor. You can open up your dark spaces, turn off your indoor lights and make your property stand out with natural light. Aesthetically, bright rooms improve productivity and have positive psychological benefits. They also look stunning and have a functional purpose of reducing power being used in lights during the daytime. Imagine basking in the natural sunlight in your light family room while entertaining guests who can’t stop commenting on how bright and lovely your home is!

For over 50 years, the Energy Efficiency Centre has been saving SA home & business owners thousands of dollars on their overall energy costs. We offer expert advice on how to improve energy efficiency across existing and new-build homes.

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*Heating and cooling typically accounts for 38% of power usage in SA homes.