Frequently Asked Questions

Insulation FAQs

How can insulation keep my home or office warm in winter AND keep it cool in summer?

The primary purpose of insulation is to restrict the movement of heat energy.  Therefore, when it is hotter outside than inside, the insulation will reduce heat energy moving into living spaces.  Conversely, when it is warmer inside than outside, insulation will reduce heat energy leaving your living space and being lost to the outside environment.

How do I know if my insulation is not working and needs to be replaced?

When people refer to their insulation, they are normally talking about the ‘bulk’ insulation (batts or loose) sitting on top of their ceiling.  For most common ceiling insulation types, for the insulation to work properly it needs to be of sufficient thickness (typically at least 18 – 20 cm) and installed so that there are no gaps (i.e. you shouldn’t be able to see your ceiling sheets because they should all be covered by insulation).

You should consider improving your ceiling insulation if:

It is not bulging well above your ceiling joists

Sides of ceiling joists clearly visible - insulation not bulging well above ceiling joists

Sides of ceiling joists clearly visible – insulation not bulging well above ceiling joists

It is patchy

Patchy insulation as result of downlight installation

There is no insulation


So what SHOULD my insulation look like?

Your roof insulation should look like it is bulging well above the ceiling joists and not like it is packed down and it should cover every practicable area of your ceiling with as few gaps as possible.  Insulation works by forming thousands of tiny pockets of air that restrict the movement of heat energy, so if it not thick enough or it has been compressed, it may not be performing as it should.


Can Energy Efficiency Centre provide and install insulation?

Yes, EEC is a licensed building works contractor, and our experienced team will provide a quick and easy installation process for you.

Does the Energy Efficiency Centre install insulation into both new and existing homes?

The energy efficiency centre can install insulation into both new homes and existing homes.  Generally speaking, if we are working with an existing home we would normally only be able to install insulation into the roof space unless there is exposed stud work. For new builds we can also install insulation into both internal and external walls before internal gyprock sheets are applied.

Can I put new insulation over my existing insulation?

Since the goal of insulation is to restrict the movement of heat energy, it is really important that insulation provides a good seal between the inside and outside environments.  Therefore, if your existing insulation is flat and level, such as some old rock wool batts, we can easily overlay new batts over the old.

Existing insulation that is flat and even

Existing insulation that is flat and even

However, if your existing insulation is wavy or uneven then it is unlikely the new insulation will form a good seal.  In this case, we would generally advise that putting new insulation over the old would be a waste of money and the best option would be to remove the old insulation and replace with new, thicker batts that come with a lifetime warranty.


Existing insulation that is very uneven

Do I need my roof space vacuumed or debris removed?

Vacuuming of your roof space would be recommended in the following cases:

  • Where  there is existing debris that may pose a fire risk or prevent a seal between the insulation and the ceiling sheets:


Leaves posing a fire risk around a downlight

Leaves posing a fire risk around a downlight

  • Where fine particulate matter from the roof space is causing respiratory issues for occupants

Can I insulate the underfloor of my existing home?

We can install underfloor insulation if there is reasonable access to the underfloor area.  For example, would there be at least 1.5 – 2 feet space between the ground surface and the underside of the house?  Would there be space for a person to slide under and lift batts into place?

It is very common for us to install insulation into the underfloor of homes on sloping ground where construction involves the use of stilts.

How can I soundproof my home?

When installing insulation, remember to think about the acoustics in your home as well as the temperature control. Bad soundproofing results in a lack of sleep, increased stress and irritability, and a reduced quality of life.  EEC can help by providing acoustic insulation to internal and external walls, ceilings and underfloor areas.

How are glasswool batts installed?

Most homes in Australia have standard ceiling joist spacing. Glasswool batts are cut to fit within these standard spaces. As a result, they fit perfectly in most homes and provide maximum effectiveness all year round. Insulation works most effectively when there are no gaps at all; if 5% of the ceiling space remains uninsulated, it can mean that the effectiveness is reduced by up to 50%. EEC’s trained installers place the batts between the ceiling joists to fit snugly, ensuring that there are as few gaps as practically possible.

What is the difference between glasswool and rockwool insulation?

Glasswool batts are made from approximately 80% fiberised recycled glass, and formed by many layers of the fibre. Between the layers there are millions of air pockets that effectively restrict the transfer of heat through the insulation.

Rockwool batts are made from molten basalt (volcanic rock) that goes through the same fiberising process as the recycled glass. The layers in rockwool batts work in the same way as the glasswool batts.

Glasswool can be made in lower densities than rockwool, and is better suited to residential application. Glasswool is less irritating, making the installation process simple and easy, and when purchased from the Energy Efficiency Centre, it is a more cost effective product. Rockwool can be used at much higher temperatures than glasswool (up to 500°C more) and is therefore most suited to high temperature situations such as hot pipe cladding and around pizza ovens.

Will insulation fitted into timber studs eliminate noise transfer between rooms?

Aside from preventing heat transfer, insulation has some effect in preventing noise transfer. In the case of noise reduction, the entire system should be reviewed, including other layers of the wall and roof space, and the source of the noise. EEC sells specific acoustic insulation products design to reduce noise transmission.

Can insulation reduce condensation and mould growing on ceilings?

If correctly installed, insulation works to keep internal surfaces warmer, and reducing the likelihood of condensation and mould in the process. For further reduction of condensation and mould, consider ventilation and humidity within the room.

Skylights FAQs

Why is roof pitch important in skylight installations?

When it rains you want the water to drain effectively off your roof.  The same with skylights.  If your roof has the correct slope water will run away off the skylight and the flashing surrounds.  However, if your roof pitch is less than 15 degrees, we will need to add a custom made flashing to ensure there are no leaks with the install.

Are insect screens available for electric skylights?

Insect screen are available with all openable skylights.

What colour blinds can I get?

Velux skylights only come with white blinds.

Does the electric skylight have a rain sensor?

There is a rain sensor that is fitted as standard to the Velux skylights. You won’t need to be home to activate it. The window will close automatically once it starts raining.

Can I apply a film or tint to the glass of a skylight?

Velux skylights are very energy efficient. They are manufactured with low emissivity, double glazed glass which has an Argon gas cavity.  It is not recommend to add window tint to the glass as it will void the warranty. Blinds are also available to to help control the heat and light.

How far do manual skylights open?

Skylights open to approximately 300mm.

Can I convert my manual skylight to an electric one?

Yes conversion kits are available. Just let us know which model you have installed.

Can I convert my fixed skylight to an opening one?

Unfortunately, you cannot convert a fixed skylight to an opening one.

Window Tinting FAQs

How does window tinting reduce heat?

In the same way as car tinting, our window films reduce heat entering a living space in two ways.  First by material in the film absorbing heat before it enters your home and second by reflecting the infrared portion (heat) of the sun’s energy.  Our films can reduce heat passing through a pane of glass by up to 79%.

Does film reduce glare?

Yes.  Given that glare is defined in window tinting terms as the over abundance of light, our films can not only reduce or reflect heat energy, but also the sun’s energy that is in the visible spectrum.  This can be especially important if too much light is causing you discomfort when looking at a computer monitor or television.

I want to see out but not let people see in. How can I do this?

Privacy using tinting is a achieved by a combination of the darkness of the tint and the reflectiveness of the tint.  The darker and more reflective, the higher the privacy.  Usually a good combination of darkness and reflectiveness is chosen to match the look of the building so as not to look out of place.

Can film or tint be applied to sliding doors or other toughened / safety glass surfaces?

Sliding doors are generally made from toughened glass which is manufactured in such a way that each side of the glass responds very differently to window cleaning (for window film application) and window film removal.

We can quite easily apply film or tint to  toughened glass, however if ever the film needed to be removed from the ‘bad’ side, we could not guarantee that the glass would not be scratched during the removal process.  As such, we could not warranty the installation in terms of workmanship.

Toughened or safety glass will usually have a stamp in the bottom corner of the window.  The ‘good’ side (the side on which we can both apply and remove window film without issue and provide a warranty) is the side that the stamp is legible from.  The ‘bad’ side is the side where your are reading the stamp in reverse.

I want something decorative. What are my options?

Using digital printing and computer cutting technology, we can create virtually any look you can imagine.  Digital photos, logos, signage, patterns can all be printed and applied to glass.


I want privacy at night. Can window tinting help?

A typical dark, reflective window tint will only provide privacy when there is more light outside than inside.  Therefore at night, a normal window tint will not help.

However, a frosted film (a cloudy white look) will prevent people outside from clearly seeing shapes inside.  So long as the there is at least a 15 to 20 cm gap between the frosted film and objects inside, it would only be possible to see movement and light from the outside.

Amazing customer service and great product. We had them install a skylight and it was completed inside a month. Very quick to answer emails and any questions we had! Didn't feel like they where trying to over sell us on their products and Adam was honest when he thought a product wouldn't work. Couldn't recommend them more
Trent Stollery
Trent Stollery
00:53 07 Sep 17
I had EEC install some window insulating film just in the nick of time! Great work - professional, courteous - and the product really seems to be making a difference to my energy bill.
Karen Collins
Karen Collins
23:50 15 Dec 17
We were extremely impressed by the Service. One of the sheets lifted away in the corner of the window and when we contacted them they fixed it for us. Would recommend this store.
Jacqui Playfair
Jacqui Playfair
04:07 08 Sep 17
Very satisfied with the team and installer from the Energy Efficiency Centre. We had 2 Velux Sun Tunnels installed which have given us much needed light. I'm particularly impressed with the sleekness of the design and being flush to the ceiling is very unobtrusive and contemporary. Emma
Smaragdi Landau
Smaragdi Landau
03:59 17 Jul 17
I had properly rated insulation batts installed throughout my roof space. The old ones were too thin, tatty and covered with decades of dirt and rodent droppings, etc. The old ones were removed, (brave men), and the ceiling vacuumed. I have peace of mind now. All was done quickly and efficiently, and I hope I will notice a real difference this winter. I also decided to have five of the very best skylights. I knew from previous experience that skylights make a huge difference in those dark corners, and they have. Great for the soul to to use these previously gloomy areas of the house. All staff were professional. No problems encountered. Orders were completed quickly.
Janita Hill
Janita Hill
21:42 04 Apr 17
Got a skylight installed by EEC. Quick turnaround on a quote after my call. I had Adrian provide the quote and perform installation. He is very professional, friendly and knew his trade. Arrived on time everyday, didn't make a big mess and cleaned up afterwards. Very happy with the finished product. Highly recommend this company.
Simon Brennan
Simon Brennan
22:29 07 Jun 18
The efficiency film on the windows made a big difference to my electric bill for summer. The installation process was prompt and fastidious.
Deb Coulter
Deb Coulter
01:06 23 Mar 18
We purchased blinds for our Velux skylights and were very impressed by the great service provided by the office staff and the contractor. The price was very competitive too. Highly recommend EEC.
Sue Barton
Sue Barton
05:08 16 May 19
Thank you to the team at EEC, your knowledge and expertise in installing my new insulation has made this summer so much more bearable. Thanks to Michael for all the great advice and suggestions with our insulation. I would have no hesitation recommending EEC to others looking to improve there homes in summer.
Maree Sturt
Maree Sturt
06:49 06 Feb 19
We got a few quotes for a skylight and EEC not the cheapest but nowhere near the most expensive. It was a difficult installation but Jason did a fantastic job. I could not recommend them highly enough.
Robin Chase
Robin Chase
05:51 11 Feb 19