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We purchased blinds for our Velux skylights and were very impressed by the great service provided by the office staff and the contractor. The price was very competitive too. Highly recommend EEC.
Sue Barton
Sue Barton
05:08 16 May 19
We got a few quotes for a skylight and EEC not the cheapest but nowhere near the most expensive. It was a difficult installation but Jason did a fantastic job. I could not recommend them highly enough.
Robin Chase
Robin Chase
05:51 11 Feb 19
Thank you to the team at EEC, your knowledge and expertise in installing my new insulation has made this summer so much more bearable. Thanks to Michael for all the great advice and suggestions with our insulation. I would have no hesitation recommending EEC to others looking to improve there homes in summer.
Maree Sturt
Maree Sturt
06:49 06 Feb 19
Got a skylight installed by EEC. Quick turnaround on a quote after my call. I had Adrian provide the quote and perform installation. He is very professional, friendly and knew his trade. Arrived on time everyday, didn't make a big mess and cleaned up afterwards. Very happy with the finished product. Highly recommend this company.
Simon Brennan
Simon Brennan
22:29 07 Jun 18
The efficiency film on the windows made a big difference to my electric bill for summer. The installation process was prompt and fastidious.
Deb Coulter
Deb Coulter
01:06 23 Mar 18
I had EEC install some window insulating film just in the nick of time! Great work - professional, courteous - and the product really seems to be making a difference to my energy bill.
Karen Collins
Karen Collins
23:50 15 Dec 17
We were extremely impressed by the Service. One of the sheets lifted away in the corner of the window and when we contacted them they fixed it for us. Would recommend this store.
Jacqui Playfair
Jacqui Playfair
04:07 08 Sep 17
Amazing customer service and great product. We had them install a skylight and it was completed inside a month. Very quick to answer emails and any questions we had! Didn't feel like they where trying to over sell us on their products and Adam was honest when he thought a product wouldn't work. Couldn't recommend them more
Trent Stollery
Trent Stollery
00:53 07 Sep 17
Very satisfied with the team and installer from the Energy Efficiency Centre. We had 2 Velux Sun Tunnels installed which have given us much needed light. I'm particularly impressed with the sleekness of the design and being flush to the ceiling is very unobtrusive and contemporary. Emma
Smaragdi Landau
Smaragdi Landau
03:59 17 Jul 17
I had properly rated insulation batts installed throughout my roof space. The old ones were too thin, tatty and covered with decades of dirt and rodent droppings, etc. The old ones were removed, (brave men), and the ceiling vacuumed. I have peace of mind now. All was done quickly and efficiently, and I hope I will notice a real difference this winter. I also decided to have five of the very best skylights. I knew from previous experience that skylights make a huge difference in those dark corners, and they have. Great for the soul to to use these previously gloomy areas of the house. All staff were professional. No problems encountered. Orders were completed quickly.
Janita Hill
Janita Hill
21:42 04 Apr 17


  • A roof vent will expel air in summer and winter and thereby make your insulation more effective.
  • They are simple to install, many designs need no power and suit most roof types. Powered units are also available which are extra quiet and inexpensive to run.
  • We stock a range of roof ventilation systems, including products suitable for bushfire prone areas.


Did you know all buildings MUST have ventilation?

Master Builders agree the building code should include mandatory vents on all buildings.

Insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the living space in your home. But on hot days, heat can still build up over time. When you consider that the heat inside your roof can reach over 70ºC you can understand the tough job that insulation has to do. Roof ventilators reduce the roof-space heat build-up by expelling hot air which enables it to be replaced with ambient temperature air from outside. This allows your insulation to work far more effectively.

All ventilators:

  • Extract hot air from your roof space in summer
  • Expel damp air in winter which can cause condensation and mildew and affect building structures
  • Help your insulation work more effectively
  • Cost little or nothing to operate
  • Reduce air conditioning load and save on household energy use
  • Operate smoothly and silently
  • Bring natural ventilation to your whole home
  • Are simple to install
  • Are an inexpensive way to further improve your home’s comfort
  • Have a malleable base and adjustable throat to suit most roof types to 45º
  • Are tested to Australian standards
  • Come with a 15yr Warranty

Importance of Air Flow

In order to expel the heat and moisture from your roof space, it is essential that fresh, external air replaces the super heated air removed by your ventilators. This can be achieved by installing at least FOUR under eave vents per ventilator.

Ideally, inlet vents are set into eaves which face the prevailing winds. For the best results, and improved home comfort, also install a Whirly Mate in the ceiling of your home to allow the trapped hot air to escape from inside your home at the end of the day, allowing cooler, fresh air to enter your home.

A home or building that breathes is a healthier living environment.

At EEC, we know that insulating your home may not be enough. We can supply, install and provide maintenance for all your ventilation needs.

Questions like how many vents are required or the type needed for your home can all be answered by our experts.

I’m very happy with Matt and his co-workers, and will recommend your firm to a potential customer!
Job well done , recommendable to the world, cheers
Janet and BernieCampbelltown

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